A disposable device is any medical apparatus intended for one-time or temporary use.The primary reason for creating disposable devices is infection control. When an item is used only once, it cannot transmit infectious agents to subsequent patients. Disposable medical devices require a careful balance of between performances, cost, reliability, materials and shelf life.Phoenix Medicines LLC supply a wide range of medical disposables from all over the world including needles, syringes, wraps, gowns, catheters, surgical sponges etc. covering almost all fields of health care industry including Urology and Gastroenterology, CSSD, and more.


Dialysis water & product services

Mar Cor Purification, a Cantel Medical Company provides water purification systems and service to medical, pharmaceutical and other bacteria controlled applications. Mar Cor additionally provides filtration/separation and disinfectant technologies to the medical and life science market through a worldwide distributor network. This combination allows us to better serve our medical & industrial customers by supplying high-quality water treatment equipment with our highly regarded line of products, while providing proven filtration and disinfection technologies through our FiberFlo® Filters and Minncare® & Actril® Cold Sterilant brands


Hemostatic absorbable gelatin sponge

Cutanplast® is a sterile re-absorbable gelatin sponge with a powerful hemostatic, manufactured in the Italian production site of Mascia Brunelli. Product classified Class III implantable, is recognized for its safety and efficacy. The porous surface of the gelatin induces the rapid rupture of the blood platelets with the consequent activation of the enzymatic cascade, which leads to natural coagulation. Suitable for all types of surgery. Emosist® it is a surgical haemostat made of oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) suitable for every type of procedures, very handle and flexible, with high hemostatic properties and biocompatibility. Product classified Class III implantable.



Inspired & Cost effective solutions for all aspects of Hygiene & Decontamination

Serchem offers premium quality cleaning products for the Catering, Laundry and Decontamination service sectors. Our products are manufactured in the UK, with a tailor made approach to the needs of each application.



Our goal is to provide worldwide high quality products for the medical sector. Marflow is specialized in Urology & Gastroenterology & is European brand. Thanks to the cooperation with leading medical doctors for 25 years, our products meet the requirement to be successful in the medical field in over 80 countries.


Ortho-Phthalaldehyde 0.55%

High Level disinfectant for Endoscope

OPIDEX OPA Solution is a high level disinfectant with excellent efficacy, safety & convenience. It is designed for re-processing heat sensitive semi-critical medical devices that are un-suitable for sterilization. This highly reusable and compatible OPA disinfectant has the fastest infection disinfection time (5 minutes) at room temperature. It can be used manually or in an automated endoscope re processor (AER).


Lamidey Noury Medical is a French company that designs, manufactures electric scalpels & provide wide range of electrosurgical solutions in various fields.

Vessel Sealing (General surgery, Gynecology & Urology)
Thermocision (Thyroid Surgery)
Plasma Edge (Gynecology & Urology).
Classic electro surgery unit - All disciplines


Ameco Medical Industries is a medical group dealing in Catheters & Healthcare business since more than 12 years , and is being directed by physicians who had practiced medicine for quite a long time and who have got a high experience in the use of medical catheters. Ameco Medical Industries produce "Amecath" Hemodialysis catheters, Urology catheters and Central venous catheters according to high international quality standards and the plant had been equipped with the latest technology machines. "Amecath " catheters are available in many countries of Europe, USA , Asia, North Africa… and are being FDA approved, CE marked and ISO 13485:2000 certified.


The art of Shock-wave!

. The MODULITH® SLK is based on a revolutionary new design: it features a medium-sized shock wave source that is mounted to a flexible, easy-to-move articulated arm and offers a wide energy range for all indications of shock wave therapy. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the MODULITH® SLK is also ideal for interdisciplinary use. Shock wave therapy spans a wide spectrum of applications, from urology and orthopedics’ up to stone disintegration in gastroenterology and otorhinolaryngology. The medium-sized shock wave source is mounted to a flexible therapy arm and enables easy and intuitive positioning. The therapy head can be adjusted directly in treatment position according to the patient's specific anatomy.

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System is intended to be used by physicians to access, visualize, and perform procedures in the urinary tract and the kidney. The instrument enables delivery and use of accessories such as biopsy forceps, laser fibers, graspers and retrieval baskets at a surgical site.

WiScope® Digital Endoscope System is comprised of two main components: WiScope® Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope and WiScope® Image System.