Company Profile

Phoenix Medicines L.L.C was established in 2004 as a MOH certified distributor in United Arab Emirates. Our core business is in health care industry to provide available products and services .If there is a single aspect of your life where you can’t afford to make compromises, it’s in medicine and healthcare. Phoenix Medicines L.L.C recognizes this and focuses on helping medical professionals to achieve that very goal every day. We are proud that our customers rank our systems and services high when it comes to workflow support, elevating image documentation quality and streamlining the whole documentation process within the hospitals, clinics & pharmacies. Our distribution channel is of the best standard practice and we have closed all loopholes that will not allow for a loose system of distribution. Our storage area is well ventilated and secured which means that our drugs, disposables & equipment are kept in a well-ventilated area and free of dust and dirt according to the authorities and regulations of Ministry of Health. We are committed to bringing in competent and professional employees who have the knowledge and expertise necessary to bring our company to its desired level. We intend to ensure that our employees undergo training that will make them become more productive and also enhance their skill set. We intend to ensure that we offer our customers excellent service, the best in the industry. Our customer care executives have been well trained and are updated as regards the trends in the industry in order to better serve our customers. In order to achieve our vision, we intend to ensure that we liaise with only trusted companies as well as with doctors and other healthcare professionals in order to ensure that we source for as well as supply quality drugs, disposables & equipment’s to our customers.

Our Business Structure

Having a strong business structure is very important for any business that intends to be able to run smoothly with as less hitches as possible, because a sound business structure embodies the corporate values of the organization. This is why we are taking our business structure very seriously here at Distribution Company and intend to build one that would take our business to where we intend it to be. We intend to employ competent and professional employees into our company, especially those that understand the industry and have the right knowledge on how to ensure that we attain our desired goals and objectives as a business. We would continually ensure that our employees are well-trained so that this could enhance their skills and improve productivity for our business. We would also ensure that these employees understand our corporate values as a business and are committed to our vision.

Therefore, from results, we are in business to distribute to the following groups of people;

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Governmental organizations
  • Specialist retailers


We are going to be a distribution company where our competitive advantage will be based on superior pricing, which will arise from us offering quality at comparable low prices for our different clients. We would do this by ensuring that we operate a low overhead. This we believe will stand us out from our competitors. Another competitive edge that we have against our competitors is the fact that we have hired experienced and competent employees who are professionals and understand the industry as well as our core values and therefore know how well to ensure that we attain our desired goals through their high level of commitment and productivity. Another competitive advantage we have is that we employ the use of technology in ensuring that we serve our customers better. This results in better and efficient way of dealing with orders and delivery of our drugs. Finally, we have the best management team that will ensure that the business attains its intended goals and desires through effective communication and implementation of the company’s values to our customers.