It gives me great pleasure to express that by the Grace of Almighty Allah PHOENIX MEDICINES LLC has successfully completed more than 13 years of its service in UAE.

As you know Phoenix medicines LLC was established in 2004. In the beginning, the Company experienced lot of problems and hurdles but with constant, collective and concerted efforts over-come the same in a short period and by now has earned a laudable place in the health care industry. At this occasion I also feel pleasure to disclose that Phoenix medicines has extended area of its operation to all over United Arab Emirates. I am proud to say further that we are functioning with best professional level and ability and extending services in most appropriate and efficient manner. We thank God that Phoenix Medicines is now in a position to tackle any challenge in a befitting manner and with the Information Technology revolution. By the above measures, Phoenix medicines would be immensely contributing towards the socio-economic development of the country. May Allah bless and bestow all of us more zeal and skill to boost our company in the world.